Trying to (finally!) switch from Windows to Linux on my main desktop pc after having Linux on my laptop for over half a year now. It's going really well...

(yes, it's just a black screen)

Just had a great chat with @jomc about SpaceHey and MySpace!
Was pretty nervous at first, but it turned out really awesome 😊
Thanks for having me, Joanne!

While I'm working on a ton of new stuff for @spacehey (bug fixes, lots of improvements and new features), please tell me what improvements/changes/features YOU would like to see on spacehey! What would improve your experience on the site?

My Mastodon Raspberry Pi was down because my Pi's 23GB SD card was full... apparently mastodon has downloaded ~ 7,5k cached media files PER DAY in the past week 🤯

Anyways, I created a daily cronjob to clear old cached files, so let's see how this goes...

This is especially frustrating when there a fake accounts which pretend to be your brand and try to scam your users...
Getting them banned takes FOREVER and a verification would really help I think.... anyways I'll keep dreaming

/rant over

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Quiz: What does it take to get your biz verified on Twitter?

❌️ 60+ articles in major publications? No
❌️ interviews on national radio? No
❌️ wikipedia articles? No
❌️ having half a million users? No
✅️ knowing someone who works at Twitter? Sure

This is so frustrating

With "host myself" I don't mean running it on own hardware for now - but rather build the software and host it in an agnostic way where I'm not bound to a specific provider.
I want to start by running my own DNS Nameservers with features like geo-loadbalancing and failover!

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I want to build and host more parts of the SpaceHey infrastructure myself.
I'm starting with DNS. Most existing solutions are not privacy-friendly enough or don't include the features I need.
I'm calling it - if anyone wants to help beta-test it, email me!

Just got the domain "" for free thanks to a Porkbun promo!
Anyone wants to help me start a simple @Mastodon Wiki?

It's incredible how well mastodon runs on this tiny, tiny raspberry pi in my basement

A round of applause for @gqdeltex - welcome to 🥳

toot toot from a tiny raspberry pi running mastodon :)

@malek What's up? Any plans for the new week yet? :D

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Just added two new link options for your profiles!
👉 Spotify
👉 @Mastodon

What other link options would you like to see on SpaceHey? 😊

// TODO: Move this Mastadon instance to a local Raspberry Pi (behind a VPS proxy)

test post from the mastodon android app

(the app is pretty awesome so far)

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